Soccer Ball Window Sticker
Soccer ball window sticker decal Vinyl sticker decal

Our vinyl decals are made to order with high quality outdoor sign vinyl that is made to handle the elements.

Our basic Soccer ball window decal is 6 inches including the text.

Team name, child's name, and number are all optional, and customized for you.

Price: $6.00 (free shipping)

Team Name
Player's Name and Number



Start Seeing Motorcycles Iron Cross (maltese cross) T-Shirt

Whether their on their cell phones, texting the latest B.S. to some numbskull, or trying to wipe ketchup off the kid in the back seat's face, cagers always find a way to watch everything but the road. Send them the message, "START SEEING MOTORCYCLES, EVERYWHERE". You won't find this t-shirt in the malls, and you won't find it on any iron-on site. Screen printed in the U.S.A on high quality 100% cotton shirts.

Available in any color you want, as long as you want black.



Kennedy Family T-Shirt, Irish Year Round

Kennedy Dt Patricks Day Shirt
Kennedy T-shirt Irish T shirt

It's long been said that "Everyone's Irish on St Patty's Day".

Well guess what? The Irish are Irish every day, and with a name like Kennedy you know we're Irish Year Round.

These are going to be limited. Today is St Patrick's day, and I don't think I'll be printing them past next week.






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